Dive is a game using the transparency of cards to play a unique experience. Your sense of observation will be at the heart of the game but the strategy may make the difference.

The game will be shipped from March 2021 (official release)

Designer(s): Romain Caterdjian & Anthony Perone
Artist(s): Alexandre Bonvalot
Age: 8+
Player(s): 1-4
Duration: 30'
Mechanism(s): Observation, programmation
Release date: March 2021
Languages : Multilingual (EN,FR,DE,NL)

Dive - Preview (SPIEL Digital 2020)


Dive - Designers interview

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Dive into the water.
Progress deeper and deeper avoiding disturbing the sharks to be the first one to grab a beautiful gem thrown at the bottom of the sea. Pay attention to your oxygen, you need to use it carefully and at the right time to keep the strength to reach the treasure. Keep your eyes open, some kind animals might help you to dive deeper.


Additional information

Weight 1.39 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 24.5 × 4.9 cm
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