Sushi Dice


Only the quickest and most meticulous chef will join the prestigious sushi chefs indoors. Because of this, you must prepare sushi platters faster than your opponents, and – moreover – point out even their slightest mistake.

Designer(s): Henri Kermarrec
Artist(s): Aoulad
Age: 6+
Player(s): 2-6
Duration: 15'
Mechanism(s): rapidity, dexterity, dice
Release date: October 2014
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Stack all the Sushi Platters to the side, face-down, and then lay three cards face-up in the middle of the table. Set the bell where everyone can reach it. The oldest player takes 6 dice of one color, and then selects his opponent for the first duel, who takes the other 6 dice. It is very important for each duelist to have a set of dice whose color differs from the other duelist’s.

One of the players gives the signal to start, and each duelist immediately starts rolling his dice in order to be the first player to roll all the symbols indicated on one of the three Sushi Platters in the middle of the table. Both players play simultaneously and can freely set aside or reroll as many dice as they wish at any time, without waiting for their opponent. They do not need to announce which Platter they are working toward, and each can change his mind at any time during the duel.

The Star die face counts as a wild : It can replace any symbol required to complete a Platter.

As soon as a player has rolled all the items on one of the Platters, he taps the bell, and the duel ends immediately. He takes the card representing the Platter he just produced.

Both duelists pass their dice to the left. (It’s possible that a player gets to take several turns in a row.) Reveal a new platter, and start the next duel!

If one of the duelists notices that his opponent has rolled a Yuck symbol, he shouts, “Yuck!” and his opponent must immediately reroll ALL his dice, including those he had set aside. It is therefore CRUCIAL to keep an eye on your opponent’s dice, and to quickly reroll your own Yucks before your opponent has had a chance to see them. Only the dueling players (the ones rolling the dice) can shout “Yuck!”.

During a duel, the players not involved in the duel must watch the two competitors. If they both have at least one Yuck at the same time, the spectators shout, “Chop!” This immediately ends the current duel. The person who first shouted, “Chop!” takes one of the sets of 6 dice, and gives the other set to the player who has completed the fewest Platters (he chooses in the event of a tie).

The game ends as soon as one player has completed enough Platters, as follows :

  • 2 players : 6 Platters
  • 3–4 players : 5 Platters
  • 5–6 players : 4 Platters

This lucky devil immediately wins the game, and thereby assures himself a prestigious post in the greatest sushi restaurant the region has known. …but he must buy a round of sake for the opponents he humiliated !



  • 12 special dice (2 sets of 6 dice)
  • 19 Sushi Platter cards
  • 1 bell
  • the rules

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