In the desert of Ekö, the rocks, sand, and wind come to life as ephemeral armies. Build your empire and extend your control so you can proclaim your victory… in this universe where not a single person will hear you, ever.

Designer(s): Henri Kermarrec
Artist(s): Luky
Age: 10+
Player(s): 2-4
Duration: 45'
Mechanism(s): Abstract, conquest
Release date: 2015
Play online on
“A spectacular abstract game… Absolutely a gem in the genre.”
Zee Garcia

The Dice Tower

Play goes clockwise. On your turn, you must execute both phases in order: the Action phase, then the Reinforcements phase.

Allowed actions are: Move (simple move, move to regroup, attack) or Construct (on an empty space, upgrade one of your buildings, replace an enemy building).

Reinforcement phase: Reintroduce at least one disc, never on an empty space, not adjacent to an opponent’s building, and always on a single space.

End of game and victory: Have 12 victory points and occupy a capital or be the last to have discs on the board.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Multilingual EN+FR+NL+DE





  • Austria: Pegasus
  • Belgium: Geronimo
  • Canada: Dude
  • France: Atalia
  • Germany: Pegasus
  • Luxemburg: Geronimo
  • The Netherlands: Geronimo


  • 64 engraved wooden discs (16 per player, 1 of which is an Emperor).
  • 36 buildings (1 castle, 3 towers, and 5 encampments per player).
  • 13 large hexagonal tiles to construct the modular board + 11 small tiles for the variants.
  • 4 player boards.
  • The rules of the game.