Formerly known as Pachamama.


The Earth Goddess Pachamama constantly guides the Quechua farmers;
No one would dare transgress the rules dictated by Pachamama!

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Designer(s): Olivier Grégoire
Artist(s): Raphaël Samakh
Age: 14+
Player(s): 1-4
Duration: 30'- 60'
Mechanism(s): Exploration, deduction, logic
Kickstarter campaign: Early 2022
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A=1 / B=3 / C=3 / D=2
A : A must be 1 or 2 as 3, 4 and 5 are already present in the blue region. A is adjacent to a 2 (green), so it can't be 2 and must be 1.
B : The space in the right upper corner of the board must be a 1. The remaining space in the blue zone from the bottom right corner is 1. So, 1 can't be next to them and must be in Cloud/Condor. As 3 can't be just next to the 3 from the blue region, B must be 3.
C : C must be 1,3 or 5. As 3 can't be next to the 3 from the yellow region on the left, C must be 3.
D : D must be 1 or 2. As 2 can't be in the upper space from the green region (due to the 2 from the yellow region on the right), D must be 2.

A=5 / B=4 / C=4 / D=2
A : A must be 4 or 5. As 5 can't be on the other space from the zone, A must be 5.
B : B must be 4 or 5. As there is a 4 (from yellow zone) next to the left upper corner of the zone, B must be 5.
C : 4 can't be on another tile due to adjacent 4 from B and 4 on the upper green tile.
D : In the blue zone, 1 must be at the bottom. As 2 can't be on the second and third tiles, D must be 2.

A=3 / B=3 / C=1 / D=2
A : A must be 2,3 or 5. 3 can't be on the left of the blue zone due to the proximity of a 3 on the top (red zone). A must be 3.
B : The blue zone contains 4 tiles. B must be 1, 2, 3 or 4. A 3 is adjacent to the three first tiles from the blue zone. B must be 3.
C : As B is 3, C must be 1,2 or 4. As there is a 1 adjacent to the first two tiles of the blue zone, C must be 1.
D : We are not sure if the yellow zone contains 4 or 5 tiles. But with the proximity of a 5 in the red zone on the left, D must be 2.


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Solution example - Rulebook p.12