Magic Maze – Box organizer

This plywood organizer is compatible with Magic Maze base game with Maximum Security, Hidden Roles, Promo tiles and Twinples expansions.

Insert features:

• Large tile tray for all room tiles and sand timer 
• Two token trays for all the tokens and pawns
• Action tile tray
• Hidden roles cards tray


    The large tile tray holds two stacks of room tiles. The first stack is for the base game and the seconds stack holds all expansion and promo tiles. There is also a dedicated space for the sand timer. 

    The two token trays have a total of 12 compartments for all the tokens and pawns from the base game and the expansions. All compartments are marked with helpful diagrams to indicate correct places for the tokens.

    The small action tile tray has two slots, one for single player and the other for multiplayer action tiles. 

    Finally, the card tray has a single slot for Hidden Roles cards. It also fits sleeved cards. The theft tile can be placed on top of the cards.

    The Magic Maze Box Organizer is made by ©2020 Gameguard in collaboration with Sit Down!.