Redwood @GenCon 2023

Problem with double-thick Animal pawns


After selling the first copies of Redwood at GenCon 2023, we identified an issue with the sturdiness of the hexes stuck to the back of the Animal pawns. We immediately spoke with the factory to fix it for the rest of the production.

The solution is as follows: Instead of cardboard hexagons, wooden ones will be used/glued. The animals will remain in cardboard.

If you have a GenCon copy: We have ordered more of these new cardboard/wooden Animal pawns to supply full sets (7 pawns) on request, as spares. They will be air-shipped as soon as possible to our US distributor, Flat River. Please contact them to get them as soon as possible.

Kickstarter versions will not be affected by this because the Animal pawns are made of wood (not cardboard).


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February 2024
Dear game designers,
We are currently no longer accepting prototype proposals because we have games signed for the next few years.
Thanks for your understanding.

You are welcome to contact us to:

    You came up with a game prototype and would like to submit it ?

    If, after you checked the list below, you think your game might catch our interest, please contact us with a short description of the game that includes any relevant information, and that highlights THE thing that makes your game unique, with a few pictures and the complete rulebook (that we won’t read unless the presentation hooked us). If you can provide us with a link to a video (rules or game being played), it’s even better!

    We will reply as soon as we have looked into your submission, in a variable and unpredictable timeframe. In any case, thanks for choosing Sit Down!

    We are looking for games that ideally…

    • Don’t have any in-game text (even card names)

    • Are focused on a creative and innovative mechanic or playing feel

    • Are played within an hour

    • Take 2 to 5 players (or more, extra solo version is welcome)

    • Involve a reasonable production cost

    • Have straightforward rules (as few exceptions as possible)

    We are not interested in…

    • Heavy games aimed at hardcore gamers

    • Dark themes (unless we can change it)

    • Games that need a lot of components

    • Games with lengthy rules

    • Games with tons of exceptions in the rules

    • Role playing games

    • Games for children

    - Please submit this form once per submitted game.
    - A submission without video will be automatically unapproved (a brief video is enough).




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