Gravity Superstar


At the edge of known space, the most famous adventurers converge on a strange little planet, uniquely capable of attracting precious stardust with its befuddling gravity. They are there to collect as much of this rare resource as they can, while their rivals constantly try to steal it.

Designer(s): Julian Allain
Artist(s): Gyom
Age: 7+
Player(s): 2-6
Duration: 30'
Mechanism(s): Hand management, grid movements
Release date: December 2018
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“Ich finde es irgendwie erfrischend und charmant.”
– I find it kind of refreshing and charming.
Jon Cronauer

Hunter & Cron (Now Hunter & Friends)

What is really original about Gravity Superstar is the manner in which the players’ pawns move: Each turn, they move one or two spaces, and then they are affected by gravity, which makes them fall until they are stopped by a platform. This effect is made possible by the fact that the pawns are used lying down on the board. Thus, they move up (above their head), down (below their feet), left, or right.

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Multilingual EN+FR+NL+DE, Single language FR




  • Austria: Pegasus
  • Australia: VR Distribution
  • Belgium: Geronimo
  • France: Atalia
  • Germany: Pegasus
  • Hungary: GémKlub
  • Ireland: Asmodee UK
  • Italy: Ghenos
  • Luxemburg: Geronimo
  • South Korea: Happy Baobab
  • The Netherlands: Geronimo
  • Ukraine: Desktop
  • United Kingdom: Asmodee UK


  • 37 cards
  • 6 Superstar pawns
  • 1 Open Door pawn
  • 6 double-sided Planet tiles
  • 78 stars
  • 1 bag
  • 18 Replay tokens.