Hidden Roles


This is a small expansion for Magic Maze that enhances the social aspects of the game. Each player will be given a role, that may make them a traitor, or it may give them a special mission or a special rule to follow.

Please note that this expansion is also available in German, Spanish and Italian through the appropriated distributors.



This expansion is designed to increase interaction in Magic Maze and make it a semi-cooperative game. Each player receives a secret role, possibly becoming a traitor, or getting a secret mission, or following their own special rules.

Like Magic Maze, this expansion is divided into five difficulty levels so you can learn the game gradually.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 17.7 x 12.7 x 3.6 cm

Single language EN, Single language FR, Single language NL


Kasper Lapp (designer) introduced Hidden Roles for the first time at the Dice Tower Awards 2017 live show.



  • Austria: Pegasus
  • Australia: VR Distribution
  • Belgium: Geronimo
  • Canada: Dude
  • Denmark: Spilbraet
  • France: Atalia
  • Germany: Pegasus
  • Ireland: Esdevium
  • Luxemburg: Geronimo
  • South Africa: Two Plus Distribution
  • Spain: 2Tomatoes
  • Switzerland: Swiss Games + Pegasus
  • Ukraine: Desktop
  • United Kindgdom: Esdevium
  • USA: Dude + PSI