We are in the early XXth century, but the world is not as we know it. In 1895, exploring Amazonia, Auguste Copperpot discovered a gate to a lost valley, occupied by a primitive civilisation. Wiraqocha Valley was the name he gave to this remote Eden. This world enclosed a treasure that was going to revolutionize modern sciences, namely the Somnium, an orange luminescent crystal showing amazing properties. It can be used as fuel, affects matter and even time. Immediately, this virgin land became a new Eldorado for European colonists. Empress Victoria II decided to send several conglomerates to share this promised land and reap the fruits to her benefit. Zeppelin fleet, full of scientists, adventurers and looters, clouded the Atlantic sky.

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Designer(s): Henri Kermarrec
Artist(s): Toshiaki Takayama & Yuio
Age: 12+
Player(s): 2-4
Duration: 60'
Mechanism(s): Dice rolling, modular board, worker placement
Release date: 2011

    Wiraqocha Valley is represented by an adjustable board consisting of 22 hexagonal tiles, each of them being identified by a number from 1 to 12, or a dice combo (pairs or straights). In his turn, each player rolls some six-sided dice, combining them to take possession of territories, or to protect from the opponents the ones he already owns. Every hexagon affords resources or special capacities, which are means to influence die results to fit one’s strategy. There are three ways to win: bring back a huge cargo of Somnium to the Empress; acquire enough scientific knowledge to build the Leviathan, a terrifying weapon serving the Kingdom; or find in the temple depths the four relics that will allow you to reach Wiraqocha’s treasure.



    • rules booklet.
    • 7 wooden discs in 4 different colours.
    • Apply the stickers so that each token set includes 1 Base Camp token, 2 Explorer tokens, 2 Drilling tokens and 2 Zeppelin tokens.
    • 3 white wooden discs on which you first apply the following stickers : the Mechanical Miner, the Android explorer and the Juggernaut.
    • 4 cardboard tokens representing the 4 relics / carved skulls of Wiraqochan children.
    • 3 cardboard tokens linked to particular cards : Force Field, Flying Fortress, Death Ray.
    • 22 hexagonal tiles which will allow you to create at random the Wiraqocha valley, 1 Machine’s Graveyard tile and 1 optional tile : the Caves.
    • 11 six-sided dice.
    • 12 Technology cards.
    • 25 Somnium crystals.
    • 25 cubes (Resources).
    • 4 game quick reference guides.