It has long been thought that earthworms were slow creatures with no ambition. It is not so. They dream of conquering the world but suffer from internal conflicts that prevent their great project from taking shape: the reds are convinced that it is up to them to lead the troops. Same for the blues. And the greens. Not to mention the yellows. It was therefore inevitable that they come to blows. Wormlord tells their story.

Designer(s): Andrew Cedotal & Jonathan Bittner
Artist(s): Gyom
Age: 6+
Player(s): 2-4
Duration: 30'
Mechanism(s): Rapidity, dexterity, conquest
Release date: November 2019

Wormlord is a game that is played simultaneously, without a turn, and consists of conquering spaces by placing knots. It's possible to repel opponents by undoing their ropes and returning them to them. The victory condition varies from one tray set-up to another, but usually it's about conquering a number of objective spaces.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Multilingual EN+FR+NL+DE


  • 60 earthworms (strings: 15 pink, 15 blue, 15, yellow, 15 brown).
  • 4 headquarters (cubes: 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 brown).
  • 1 modular gameboard, composed from: 8 border pieces, 8 connectors, 52 double-sided tiles.
  • 1 rulebook.


  • Austria: Pegasus
  • Belgium: Geronimo
  • France: Atalia
  • Germany: Pegasus
  • Luxemburg: Geronimo
  • The Netherlands: Geronimo