New pawns – Magic Maze


Brand new wooden pawns for Magic Maze! (2021)
4 Colorful pawns, stamped in the shape of your favorite characters
and 1 BIG red “Do Something!” pawn.

(These pawns are also available in Magic Maze from the print MM/21/2021/05).

675 in stock

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Additionnal information

Weight: 0.040 kg Dimensions:

  • Dwarf : 15mm (base diameter) x 26mm (height)
  • Elf : 15mm (base diameter) x 31mm (height)
  • Mage: 15mm (base diameter) x 30mm (height)
  • Barbarian: 15mm (base diameter) x 33mm (height)
  • "Do Something!": 32mm (base diameter) x 70mm (height)


    A base set of Magic Maze pawns:
  • 1 "Do Something!" red pawn
  • 1 Dwarf orange pawn
  • 1 Mage purple pawn
  • 1 Barbarian yellow pawn
  • 1 Elf green pawn