How to submit a game prototype you designed that would meet our requirements

You came up with a game prototype and would like to submit it ? If, after you checked the list below, you think your game might catch our interest, please contact us with a short description of the game that includes any relevant information, and that highlights THE thing that makes your game unique, with a few pictures and the complete rulebook (that we won’t read unless the presentation hooked us). If you can provide us with a link to a video (rules or game being played), it’s even better ! We will reply as soon as we have looked into your submission, in a variable and unpredictable timeframe. In any case, thanks for choosing Sit Down !

We are looking for games that ideally…

  • Don’t have any in-game text (even card names)
  • Are focused on a creative and innovative mechanic or playing feel
  • Are played within an hour
  • Take 2 to 5 players (or more, extra solo version is welcome)
  • Involve a reasonable production cost
  • Have straightforward rules (as few exceptions as possible)

We are not interested in…

  • Heavy games aimed at hardcore gamers
  • Dark themes (unless we can change it)
  • Games that need a lot of components
  • Games with lengthy rules
  • Games with tons of exceptions in the rules
  • Role playing games
  • Games for children

For professionals only: