The Way of the Feathered Serpent


  • The 31 stickers are new troops with new powers and improved inventions: Patrol, Colonist, Helicopter Squad, Colony, Improved Juggernaut, Improved Android Explorer and Improved Mechanical Miner. Stick them on the back of the wooden pawns and then, before that the game begin, choose the sides you want to use. No change is allowed during the game.
  • Use the screens if you want to add tension to your games by hiding your wealth. Only your Relics, and somnium crystals can be hidden.
  • The 6 tiles are new locations (and new effects) in the valley: three new Jungle tiles, the Oracle, the cave of the Demon Guardian and the Sanctuary. Some use new tokens.
  • The Pact with Quezacoatl, the Feathered Serpent (4 cards): Quezacoatl wishes to bribe the weakest of the strangers coming to plunder the valley, in order to help protect it. He can be a great help to a player, but in return will demand that the player abandon the objectives imposed by Empress Victoria, to the benefit of the people of the Wiraqocha valley.
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    • 6 tiles to add to the Wiraqocha valley
    • 2 cardboard tokens for the Demon Guardian and the High Priest
    • 4 Pact cards
    • 1 sheet of 31 stickers
    • 4 player screens.