Sit Down ! published Karnag in 2012. It is targeted to hardcore gamers, and its main (brain-consuming) mechanics consists in placing your workers on actions, that will be activated each turn in a different order (randomly defined before you place your workers). Your task will be to take advantage of the current turn’s actions order, and prevent creatures from invading the world by capturing them and raising menhirs. To do this, you will rely on your druids, move them on the path around the clearing, manage their mana and take their sightline into account.

We recently learnt with a great deal of surprise that there were still a small number of copies, sleeping somewhere in a warehouse. We quickly and happily managed to get them back, so we can offer this game again, for the last time – and only the fastest among you will have a chance to get theirs. It won’t be printed again, so chances to find it later are very slim.

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