Preorders have started for the Internationale Spieltage – SPIEL in Essen where we will introduce 5 new games plus Hidden Roles, an expansion to Magic Maze, already available since June 2019 (€10.80 instead of €12).

Our booth ID is 3-0120.

Preorder and save 10% on all our games sold at Essen. You must pick up your order prior Saturday 7pm: From Sunday, we cannot grant that your stuff will be available anymore for pick up.

Check here the complete Essen 2019 range!

The new games, especially imported in limited quantities for the show, are:

Of course, we will also propose older games, some with a special discount, but again a 10% discount applies if you preorder. Check here our complete Essen 2019 range.

Important: please note that you will be asked to show an ID at our desk to be allowed to pick up your order (a copy of the order is not enough!). In case you want someone else to pick up your order, you have to tell us her name prior to the show, and she will have to show her ID.

Signing sessions

Gyom, the artist of Space Bowl, Wormlord, Magic Maze on Mars, Magic Maze, Magic Maze Kids, Gravity Superstar… will be signing every day from 10:30am to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

Alexandre Bonvalot, the artist of House Flippers will be signing Thursday and Friday, but time slots still have to be communicated.

Andrew Cedotal and Jonathan Bittner, the designers of Wormlord, Palm Reader and House Flippers, will be signing every day from noon to 4:30pm.

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