The Essen Internationale Spieltage 2018 will be the opportunity to publicly show for the first time the second expansion for Magic Maze: Hidden Roles. It consists of a simple deck of cards that will bring complex interactions between players. Each player gets one card at the beginning of the game: Will you be a hero, trying to get the items and run to the exit, or a traitor subtly trying to make the heroes fail? You might also get a special mission to complete, or a special rule to follow – and any of them might lead you to make suspicious moves…

In a similar way as the “Do something!” pawn that made the success of the base game, the “I’m watching you” card will allow you to silently discuss the roles before making a precipitate accusation.
Hidden Roles brings a whole new dimension to Magic Maze, where you need to find who the traitors are, or avoid being accused. But without extra discussion allowed, you can only lie in action!

The mass production of this expansion hasn’t started yet, but we were so excited about it that we decided to bypass the time needed for a traditional mass production, and locally produce a limited number of them (300) ready for you at Essen, so the biggest fans can enjoy it immediately. They will be presented as a plastic-wrapped deck of cards, without any box.

Important: the content of this version might slightly differ from the final version that will be released later. Some cards might be removed, and others might appear.

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