Magic Maze Kids

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A cooperative game for ages 5 and up!

Magic Maze Kids is a game in which children cooperate ­simultaneously to save the King. Each child has one action, to which the others have no access; use your action at the right moment to help the group progress. Magic Maze Kids evolves with your child, by ­suggesting no fewer than 4 difficulty levels!

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Âge minimum 5 years
Durée 15 minutes

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The King did some experiments trying to make gold, but he accidently turned himself into a frog. Now the Prince and the Princess, with the help of the Knight and the Wizard, are cooperating to brew a potion that can turn him back into his lion form.

Magic Maze Kids is a cooperative game in which you work together in order to achieve a ­common goal. You all win or lose together. In this game, you don't control a specific character; instead, any player can move any pawn at any time, but you can only move them in a direction depicted on an Action tile in front of you. That means you all need to cooperate in order to move the pawns where they need to go! You are allowed to talk and communicate with each other as much as you like, but you cannot perform an action that is not yours.


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