Penny Papers Adventures: Valley of Wiraqocha

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Experience the fabulous adventures of the famous explorers, Penny Papers & Dakota Smith!

Our two adventurers discovered a still unknown location, the lost valley of Wiraqocha. Their objective is to map the site and to identify the vestiges of ancient civilizations hidden within it.

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Âge minimum 9 years
Durée 25 minutes
Nombre de joueurs 1 to 100

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All games in the Penny Papers Adventures series are based on the same principle, but differ from each other in many ways, offering a huge variety of challenges.

Equipped with a pencil (not included) and an Adventure sheet, all players use the same result from a die roll to explore a location more thoroughly than the other contestants. Each player attempts to place the numbers in their grid the best, and to make wise use of special powers to score the most victory points. Everyone plays at the same time!


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